D&I Assessment

Too often we see D&I initiatives fail to have any lasting impact on the demographics or culture of an organisation as there is no real strategy behind it. A strategy will only be really effective if it is built on a solid understanding of where the organisation is now in terms of diversity and inclusion.

At TDN we have built an easy to implement approach to assessment through employee engagement that will yield a real wealth of both quantitative and qualitative insights to give you a deep understanding of your organisation's strengths and weaknesses in relation to D&I. It also provides a benchmark from which you can track your progress in the issues that have been identified.

We recognise that organisations have different structures and are at different stages of organisational change, and so flexibility to pick and chose whichever aspects of our assessment approach and tools suit your needs right now is important too.

Our assessment approach:

Our approach is designed to give you:

  • Well-defined organisational goals relating to D&I within your organisation if these are not already clear, that will support your broad business goals.
  • An understanding of the current status of thoughts and feelings regarding diversity related issues across the organisation.
  • Recommendations to address issues and support change, to be built in your strategy and action planning
  • A means to monitor progress

The full assessment approach includes:

  • Helping you to define your diversity and inclusion goals
  • An online employee engagement survey,
  • Facilitated focus groups
  • One to one interviews (usually with Executives and other key resources)
  • A comprehensive report, with recommendations for improvement against a defined organisational D&I goal

We can also support the delivery of your strategy through help with communications, awareness raising and generating commitment to your D&I goals and strategy.


Total costs of the full assessment will depend on the size and complexity of your organisation*.

Please do contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss the level of assessment required in your organisation and costs.

*Business members of TDN are offered the basic employee engagement survey for free as part of their membership benefits package.