TDN Academy

TDN Academy is the education and consulting arm of The Diversity Network.

We work with local businesses to promote and enable diversity and inclusion within the workplace. We focus on helping businesses unlock some of their most difficult D&I challenges, such as finding and keeping the best people, managing ethically, engaging the whole workforce, enabling diverse and innovative thinking and taking an inclusive approach to leadership.

We are pleased to offer a range of awareness programmes, inspirational talks and bespoke consultancy services delivered by experienced Diversity & Inclusion, Organisational Development & Learning & Development specialists.

Contact us now for an initial chat to find out more about our services and programmes and how we can help you #BeTheChange.

From Talk to reality: Free, in-House briefing

Are you keen to spark change in your organisation by starting a conversation with your Board, managers and/or employees about the huge business benefits of a diverse, equitable and inclusive work-place? Or perhaps you’re keen to give your in-house D&I programmes a boost in engagement?

TDN’s free in-house business briefing, which can be tailored to suit a range of audiences, may be just the ticket to help you take your D&I aspirations from Talk to Reality...

This 1hour, interactive briefing is suitable for all employees and explores:

- diversity, inclusion and belonging, equity, and unconscious bias in the context of your workplace - what they are and why they matter

- your role in creating an inclusive culture, and

- a view of the opportunities to enable greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace 

Cost: One free workshop and £245 per additional workshop

Bite-sized awareness sessions

1 to 2 hr bite-sized learning sessions, to be delivered virtually or in-house, including:

Costs: £245 - £300 per workshop (including design time to shape the sessions to fit your organisation)

We are also happy to tailor or design completely new bite-sized learning and awareness sessions to suit your organisation's needs.

Bespoke programmes,  workshop facilitation & coaching

TDN's bespoke leadership, manager and employee workshops and coaching and mentoring services can be tailored to support any organisation wherever it is on its journey to a diverse and inclusive culture.

Example Programme Overview for 'Diversity Inclusion & Belonging for Leaders':

An exploration/cultural audit exercise might be carried out before the programme commences to create context around what diversity and inclusion looks and feels like in your organisation:

Four x 2.5 hour workshops over 3 months, supported by a dedicated coach-mentor for each delegate. 

Pre-programme 1:1 coaching session for each leader to explore their personal beliefs, concerns and aims for workplace culture and what they are hoping to achieve from the programme.

 1. Awareness and understanding of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in context - why it really matters to your workplace: the business case and exploring your organisation's 'why'. 

De-mystifying some of the language and theory. Gaining buy-in from your leadership team.

 2. Exploring and managing unconscious bias and frames of reference.  What is your role in cultural change?  What is an 'inclusive leader'? 

Inclusive people management tools and techniques.

Mid-programme coaching or mentoring session for each leader to help them explore and consolidate their learning so far and how they can share it with their teams.

 3. Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in action - employee experience and de-biasing the way we do things; good practice, and cultural change management.

 4. Creating strategies for change, agreeing next steps and being accountable.

Post-programme coaching or mentoring session to explore their learning, the next steps for their own leadership growth and that of the culture of their team and/or the organisation.

Please contact us to discuss your facilitation needs or for more information on developing your in-house programme. 

Her Talent 

TDN are proud to present our unique programme to support working women of all backgrounds with career development and wellbeing.

In our fast-changing and increasingly uncertain business landscape, the most successful businesses will be those with a greater diversity of talent at all levels.   However, there is much evidence to demonstrate that women face specific barriers and challenges in terms of both career progression and managing the balance between work and domestic responsibilities, that most of their male colleagues do not.   

The Programme:

1:1 coaching to identify your goals for the programme

3 half days workshops over 3 months:

Developing a personal development plan and an ongoing, supportive network to take you beyond the programme.

Please contact us for further information about Her Talent and dates for the next programme.

Cost: £595.  In the interests of enabling greater gender diversity across the working community we are delighted to offer 2 free places to female politicians and voluntary sector workers on each of our Her Talent programmes.

"If you exclude 50% of the talent pool it's no wonder you find yourself in a war for talent."  (Teresa Whitmarsh)