The Diversity Directory

It is still the case that the experiences, insights and views of women and minority groups are not sufficiently included or well represented at business conferences, in Government policy formulation and in key decisions that effect the wider community.

The Diversity Directory is intended to positively support conference organisers and decision-makers in business, the public sector and Government in ‘diversifying the faces around the table’.

We aim to create a platform that will...​

  • showcase the wealth of talent across all of our offshore demographics

  • help to connect diverse talent with opportunities to engage in conference panels and delegations, speaking opportunities, and in Government policy debates, scrutiny and formulation.

Initially the Directory focused on raising the profiles of talented women in Jersey. Now it is well established, we are delighted to broaden its scope to include anyone who shares TDN's values of equity and inclusion. We especially welcome the profiles of women and other under-represented groups across our business communities in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The Directory is free to use both to individuals keen to share their expertise and individuals or organisations wanting to tap into and benefit from the insights, knowledge and experiences of a diverse network. So, whether you are an expert in your field with valuable insights and experience to share, or a conference or working group organiser wanting to involve diverse talent in your work, please do hop on over to The Diversity Directory now to take a look and help us to diversify the faces around the table...