Who Are We?

The Diversity Network was founded by two local business women, Kate Wright and Sam Duffy. Sam and Kate have worked in Learning & Development, Human Resources, Organisational Development and Cultural Change for many years. They are both passionate about facilitating and enabling change in the way we work in order to make the business community a more accessible, fair and inclusive place regardless of who you are and where you come from.

We believe that this will contribute greatly to the bottom line of employers by helping them to attract and retain the best people, access untapped talent and create a more innovative culture, with better team working and decision making.

We are by no means able to do this alone though and at TDN’s core is an extremely impressive Advisory Board of diverse business leaders and diversity experts that will help to shape the direction and focus of our not-for-profit campaigns, projects, events and activities. Current members are:

  • Nour Belal, Corporate & Employment Solicitor - BCR Law

  • Matt Falla, Managing Director - Smith & Williamson Channel Islands

  • Nadia Lewis, Consultant Risk & Compliance

  • Alexia McClure, Chief Operating Officer - Jersey Business

  • Adoni Mosquera-Valencia, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant - Government of Jersey

  • Helen Ollivro, Head of Financial Intemediaries UK & Jersey - UBS Jersey

  • Will Paine, Chief Control Officer for Wealth & Personal Banking - HSBC